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Study, 1997

Performance supported by an audio tape with the recording of a voice counting to 605 (the last figure in the drawing with dots (Art University, Bucharest Performance), with the support of class colleague Andu Marginean.

The artistic learning educational programme of the 1990s in Romania (which had recently emerged from brutal communism) imposed conservative training. The performance "Study" (1997) centered on "unlearning" traditional teaching. (1998 — A. F.)

The process of unlearning entails dissecting the sources of our beliefs, attitudes, actions, emotions, and prejudices. We ask ourselves: What is the origin of these beliefs? Do they promote mental wellness in us? Do they support the kind of life we want? Does this align with who we really are and who we want to be? Our journey towards our inner world becomes more genuine as a result of these reflective questions. (Unlearning, Examining Origins: 2o17 — A. F)

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