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Ken Moody and Robert Sherman, 2020

Acrylic painting and ultra-chrome inks on canvas, size (each): 80 x 80 cm / 31.5 x 31.5 in.

I don’t see Mapplethorpe’s photograph (Ken Moody and Robert Sherman) as a symbol of race relations but more as a neutral background subject to interpretation. And from this "blank slate," with no built-in inherent meaning, I assigned the significance rendered by the system of beliefs I express. I don’t see two men, I see one; I don’t see races, I see humans; I don’t see black and white, I see colours; I don’t see a history of separation, I see nonduality and the essence of nonduality given by the experience of connection. (Excerpt from Notebooks, Mapplethorpe, 2020 — A. F.)

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