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Homo Deus, 2020

Acrylic painting and ultra-chrome inks on canvas

All of the motion in this series is progression, which can be seen as a mental illusion. Homo Deus is another term for the Son of God, who is posited as a unique principle in which cause and effect are inextricably linked: there is no breaking up, sutures, or reconciliation of parts. The human does not become God—the body of flesh is a projection of an egoic mind rather than God's. If he does not follow the compulsive and fault-finding voice of his reasoning (ego), man discovers that he is not a grain of sand lost in the vastness of the universe, disconnected and individualised; he awakens and recognises himself as the materialisation of an idea—his idea of separation, of breaking up with the divine, is his illusion. (Excerpt from Notebooks, Motion, 2020 — A. F.)

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