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All in one, 1997

Installation, melted plastic, oil paint on transparent plastic film; photographs

The installation "All in One" is a semiological mise-en-scene, employing structural methods to address "religious myths." This transformation of three pieces on the wall into three cylinders represents a dimension of my beliefs about chronological time and existence outside of its immediate physical context. I tried to shift perception, bending time from linear to circular, pointing out that there is no time outside perception, and that perception makes time. I covered more than five metres of Christ signs, making landscapes populated only by symbols of God's representatives—the Sonship. I built Noe's arch. Departing from the image of the clock as well as the Christ symbol of crucifixion and covering traditional Christian beliefs, the work brings together concepts of time and the infinite, sorrow and bliss. The artwork is informed by wide readings and studies of Lacanian and Jungian psychoanalysis, Kant and Descartes philosophical ideas, as well as metaphysics.

(All in one, Catalogue, 1998 — A. F)

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