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Construction-Deconstruction, 1997

Kinetic installation— wood, metal, glass, magnifying glass, photographs, electric engine

Construction-Deconstruction" is a metaphor for the dreaming of the world, a hugely reductive idea, simplified into an object where I could see my past figure rebuilt in the present. As there is a strongly referential dimension to my closed installation, everything happens within a box (all the physical constraints of reality). I tried to demonstrate the metaphysical attitude towards the past, present, and future: the main reason for believing that time passes is that experience seems to tell us so. Looking through the magnifying glass, one can see Anca moving continuously, constructing, and deconstructing an object. I wanted the viewer to take that instant and think of it as all there is of time. Inside the black box, past, present, and future are brought into one instant by the one who looks. It is also worth recognising that I planned to take the reader on a philosophical journey, using the Sisyphus myth as a subliminal insinuation: Anca carries, raises, lowers, and puts down the heavy windows of her own box.

And I wrote in a note on the wall: (rearranging Borges words: "The mind was dreaming. The world was its dream.”)

“My mind is dreaming, and Anca is its dream. Only I can stop believing that something from the past can reach me here. Only now can I look at this moment and really see it: when I stop regretting the past or obsessing about the future. Only now am I completely free and wholly absolved.” (Excerpt from Notebooks, 2018 — A. F.)

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