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Breathing Space, 2019—2018

Acrylic painting and ultra-chrome inks on canvas


Is there any other way to restyle anything—to solve any problem—when the world’s miracles spin on love, when the undiluted universal law is love?

Love, with its mighty, fathomless power and dulce tenderness, lifts me to a supreme universe glistening more luminously than I imagined. True love, as God loves, without a sense of evil, sin, or wrong, beams its spiritual glory. It is the offspring of the light; where love is, there will be light, and neither darkness, sickness, nor sin can exist in the light. Beethoven's ‘Ode to Joy’ spins me around, picks me up, and puts me down gently, carefully, with gradual inclines. (Excerpt from Notebooks, Inverted Time, 2020 — A. F.)

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