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Lucid Dreaming, 2018

Oil painting and ultra-chrome inks on canvas

What do I know and do not know—about matter and motion, time and space, free will and determination? Ouspensky’s so satisfyingly articulated theory, where time is the fourth dimension of space imperfectly sensed—apprehended by consciousness successively—creating the temporal illusion; Kant's convoluted system with "ether" and "hosts"... I know that the miracle uses time but is not ruled by it—I know this because I have seen people healed in an instant. Know that all of the forms in this world, including time, are illusions, no matter how genuine they appear. Nonetheless, my intention is not to make myself or the viewer reject the world or feel completely overwhelmed, but rather to recognise and consciously use the effects of illusions.

(Excerpt from Notebooks, April 2020 — A. F.)

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