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Novus Amor, Novis Vita, 2021

Mixed media on cotton rough paper, mounted on museum foamboard, size: 130 x 150 cm / 51.18 x 59 in.

Love is metaphysical. We are outstripped and overtaken by its nature. Who can define love? Or God? —since to define is to impoverish, to constrain, to limit, to narrow down to a subjective view? One thing I promise: lovers are not guilty. Not presumption of innocence, I guarantee, but total innocence. That we are capable of love is our very proof. Novus Amor, Novis Vita series—it’s love—passionate love—astronomical, sacred, simultaneously personal, and universal; visions erupting from the present and yesterdays, evoking a period of momentous change in my life. It contains fragments from the illicit love letters I secretly had been writing to Cristian, my passion and despair, not being able to end neither marriage nor affair. It's my love story, put on paper in a mix of fluidity, abstract notations, and handwriting. (Excerpt from Notebooks, April 2021 — A. F.)

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