100 retouched fashion photographs, where I posed as model, were projected on a wide wall for 20 minutes while I asked myself out loud about the meaning and the need of looking beautiful, about my fears, struggles and insecurities.

“[...] How much do I rely on how the others are perceiving me? [...] What does it mean to be photogenic?...has the lights fallen the best way?...or not being photogenic?...a refusal of acceptance of who I am?...[...]

[...] What is the purpose of taking a photo? preserve the memory of those I’ve met? immortalise phases of my own degradation? see how would I look like from angles the mirror cannot catch?...

Why, in my mind, beauty is to be seen and loved? If I would have been born with perfect features would my mother have kept me in her arms?...[...] ”

20 Minutes of Glory

1998 performance & video projection Romanian cultural centre in Budapest