Double Media

1998 Performance “Dotick’, Poznan, Poland


Excerpts from the performance monologue:

“[...] 1993 - victim of a wrong diagnosis,

Disease inside of me: uterine cancer.

During the day someone else is sick not me – imagination gives birth to situations that suit me.

No pain.

During the night – pills and crooked images of guts and internal organs.

Inducted pain.

After all this – no revelation.

Just the understanding that I am too fond of my body.

I am defining the body, my body, like the main means of communication.

However, it is not just a transmitter but a receiver of what others transmit.

Who am I ?

1999 Performance - Art University, Bucharest

While collecting notes from my journals I wrote down all my emotions, all the childhood, adolescence and early adulthood struggles, psychological and family problems and the painful or shameful experiences that followed.

The resulted book was recorded in a sound studio and the audio tape was used in the performance “Who am I?” where people accepted the unspoken invitation of feeling free to sharing publicly their painful experiences.


Auguries Of Innocence

I painted with melted plastic as many Christ symbols as ...