Anca Stefanescu - Fashion Bracelet Collection

There are moments when artists becomes designers and moments when boundaries are melting and the results that come from that fanciful play of creativity is showing that what is primarily important is the feeling of freedom and joy.

I enjoy drawing and painting the bracelet collection for Diorama Concept as well as I loved to be a part in the creation and realization of the image campaign where I made also the set and the floral accessories for the hair.

I liked the idea of the woman breaking free from the world that I am painting and I wanted to create a visual campaign which could be also a piece of art by itself.


“Minimal but never boring”— this is fashion for me. Minimalist shapes blending rich floral inspired patterns, prints full of details and vivid colors. Wild animals, flowers, birds and explosive colors. Richness inserted in simple cuts. A collection inspired by Wong Kar-Wai movies, made of precious materials and printed in strong colors.