I live inside a woman’s body which seems to be the perfect house for crying. I wonder when and how I learned to fight back my tears…

Why crying became a sign of weakness instead of healing…?

So many women blink away their tears when they bring babies into this world… and still not crying when they cannot…

The cry will stop when the hurt stops, and the emotion behind the cry will change into another.

I cried alone when in this body my baby’s heart stopped beaten. I had painted us for her and me and then I locked the image in a cage like a reminder for a dream that for a time lost both its wings.

(auguries of innocence) I cry because I miss you - 2017
Manual painting and white perspex - 43.30 x 59 in | 110 x 150cm

I will wait for you
2019, 59 x 78.74 in | 150 x 200 cm

Project Anca
2019, 59 x 78.74 in | 150 x 200 cm