Anca Stefanescu - Dress collection for Diorama Concept

Today for most of the people the highest art form is actually fashion.

The ongoing trend seems to be that fashion appropriates art. With I actually love. I came from a country where I lived in communism as a child and teenager and I witness its fall and art was elitist and kept in boxes for a privileged class society. I love to watch today how art boundaries are melting into fashion.

Fashion sometimes makes the art accessible to all.

Beauty is an uplifting vibration. We are all in search for beauty as we are searching for positive emotions.

Originality is also an up lifter. We are all at different levels of consciousness aware of our uniqueness. Aware of that each of us has something special and important to share.

Art is the bridge between physical and incorporeal, a work of art is interesting or beautiful to someone because looking at it reminds them of the exhilarating feeling the artist got when he or she was making it.

Blending fashion and art for me is like making the art walking on the streets.