I painted with melted plastic as many Christ symbols as I could.

I looked at them beholding how the meaning of this symbol was diluted by repetition…and I felt as if I have been guided to paint dancers celebrating life.

I cannot strive to be the Christ, as I cannot find joy in mimic.

I enter churches and I do not feel at home. I cried inside me so many times and felt I cannot find my way through sorrow.

I have my Christ inside me…and he is always smiling…so I painted on transparent sheets to the viewer for seeing beyond the pain we perceive while walking through this life…

In Christianity we celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the awakening from the dream we call reality.

I feel the message of the crucifixion resides only in understanding the eternity of our souls.

All In One

1997 - Installation 100x70 x 6 pieces - Clear PVC film, melted plastic and paint